Surveys and Inspections

Inspections are time consuming, costly and come with great risk. A much safer and cheaper alternative is to use the latest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). These can be used to inspect buildings, roofs, chimneys, church spires, masts, wind turbine and anything else that requires scaffolding, cherry pickers and nerves of steel.


Flying our UAV at low altitude using the latest software and a high resolution camera, we can acheive imagery with 5cm per pixel resolution. These images can be used for a whole range of applications, such as pre-build assessments, progress reports and post construction comparisons.

They can be used for CAD overlays as well as used for volume measurements, NDVI and elevation layers. We can even create 3D models using the data.

The image below was a 7.1 Acre site captured with 173 images. The software can stitch up to 1000 individual images to create a geo-referenced high resolution orthomosaic image.







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