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Improve marketing of a property with Skypix Solutions

In today’s digital world, the production of visual stimuli is paramount. Potential buyers are now demanding more than just simple pictures as these offer limited information about a property. With peoples busy lives, choosing the right properties to view is essential. With the latest technology you are now able to watch a virtual aerial and internal tour offering a far better insight of a property and surrounding area. Buyers will naturally be attracted to any website or agent that can offer this. 

By offering this service, you will not just attract more clients wanting this kind of marketing tool to sell their home, but also potential buyers will be attracted to your listings as they offer more than just pictures.

At Skypix Solutions, we offer several packages to suit your needs.

Aerial photography Only- Up to 10 aerial pictures, professionally enhanced from £110.00

Aerial videography - Up to 10 minutes raw aerial footage from £150.00 (Stills are an additional £15.00 each)

Ground/Internal videography - Up to 10 minutes of raw ground footage from £90.00

Post production editing - Edited to include graphics and branding at £50.00 per hour typically 2-3 hours

Fully edited video tour - A 3-5 minute aerial, ground and internal video tour fully edited to include graphics and branding and up to 10 stills from £280.00

Here is an example of our full tour


*The price of the aerial work is based on the use of 1 x battery that has the flight time of upto 28 minutes. We should be able to capture all content on

1 x battery. Additional battery usage will be £60.00 per battery

Prices are based on continued, frequent work. Please call to discuss requirements.



A selection of photos taken of for purpose of marketing

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